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Castro Valley Animal Hospital - Where Animals are People too

We are a state-of-the-art full-service routine, preventative, and emergency Animal Hospital.

Routine Medication and Surgery

Vaccination, Preventive Care

Emergency and Urgent Care

About Castro Valley Animal Hospital

Castro Valley Animal Hospital doctors and caring staff members are committed to provide your pets exceptional quality pet health and veterinary medical care. As our motto says, “ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO”, our hospital team strongly believes in specific health needs for every individual pet. Dr. G. S. Brar and associate doctors at our hospital are committed to provide high quality pet health care at affordable prices. Our team members pay special attention to your pets as they are our family members.

Our Services & Procedures

Compassionate Expertise, Nurturing Lifelong Well-Being
Empowering Reunions, Embracing Peace of Mind
Harnessing Advanced Imaging for Precise Diagnoses and Tailored Care
Your Pet’s Passport to Optimal Well-Being and Tail-Wagging Adventures
Unleashing the Power of Dental Health for Your Beloved Pets
Unlocking the Key to Comfort, Care, and Contentment
Your Trusted Source for Veterinary Medications, Right in Your Neighborhood
A Safe and Professional Procedure
Your Trusted Lifeline in Times of Crisis
Compassionate Care, Expert Hands, and Healing Hearts
Empowering Your Pet’s Journey to Healing and Happiness
Building Stronger Bonds, One Behavior at a Time
Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Health, One Bite at a Time
Ensuring a Brighter Future, One Paw at a Time
Providing a Gentle Goodbye for Your Beloved Pets
Unleash the Power of Optimal Nutrition for Your Beloved Pets
A cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedure that provides numerous benefits over traditional spay methods

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