Ear Cropping

Ear cropping or ear trimming is one of the oldest traditions in pet keeping. It is a surgical procedure that involves removing, cutting and shaping of the dog’s ear or pinna to make it more erect and attractive. Ear cropping must be done with a certified vet if you want to achieve the best results. You can count on Castro Valley Animal Hospital to handle the ear cropping procedure for your pet.

If it is not carried out properly, it may change the entire look of the pet’s ears and even cause some health issues. Not all dog breeds can undergo ear trimming. Boxers, Great Danes, and Schnauzers are the most common dog breeds with cropped ears. Therefore, you must confirm with the vet if you can trim your pet’s ears.

What is the risk of ear cropping?

Ideally, ear cropping for dogs and some pets is banned in some countries like Canada. When ear cropping your dog, you must ensure it is done with a certified vet in a reputable vet hospital such as Castro Valley Animal Hospital. The risk of pet ear cropping can include deformed ears, ear canal infections, and failure of the dog’s ears to stand erect. If not done correctly, your dog might lose its ears.

What to do after the pet undergoes ear cropping?

You must ensure your dog ears heal faster by creating a favorable environment for the dog. Ensure the vet provides the right medication to relieve the dog from the post-surgery pain. In most case, the vet will place a supporting plastic on the dog’s ears to protect the ears. Here is what you must do to ensure your dog heals after the ear trimming:

  • Keep track of any infections on the ears
  • Always keep the pet’s ears clean round the clock
  • Remove all scabs in the dog’s ears to make them stand up properly
  • You can remove the cone placed on the dog’s ears and put it back if you are not around to watch it
  • Follow all the instruction given by the vet

Why you should ear crop your pet

Ideally, ear cropping your pet is a decision that you can make on your own. Pet owners may ear trim their pets for different reasons, including to enhance the dog’s appearance and to make the pet’s ears erect faster. Whenever you opt for ear cropping the dog, you must always weigh the benefits and risks involved in the healing process. Look out to ensure only an experienced vet does the ear cropping for your pet.

Ear trimming your dog will make it stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. However, if you are hesitant to go for the surgery, you can as well enjoy having the natural look in your pet.