Preventive Care

Pets age faster than humans. Thus, preventive or wellness care is a critical aspect of your furry friend’s health. Your cat or dog cannot tell you their feelings, and according to experts, pets tend to mask their illness as a way of protecting themselves. Sometimes, the only way to be absolutely sure whether or not your pet is in good health is via a veterinary examination.

At Castro Veterinary Hospital, our primary goal is to help keep your furry friend healthy. To achieve this, we provide a comprehensive set of reliable preventive care services. Remember, the overall wellbeing of your cat, dog, or any other pet is imperative. Here are the top services we provide.

Regular Physical Exams

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, your pet must be physically examined by a certified, experienced vet at least once annually. To ensure your pet gets better care, it is recommended to take for regular checkups every six months. If some health issues are detected and treated early enough, your pet will always be healthy.


Keeping your pet healthy is more than just feeding it and keeping it clean. You must ensure that your animals get the recommended vaccinations. Remember, veterinarians vaccinate pets depending on the age and pet-specific risk factors. Talk to one of our veterinarians about your pet, and the expert will help you figure out the specific vaccinations that your pet needs.

Preventing parasites

Mites, fleas, intestinal parasites, heartworms, and ticks are some of the most challenging issues many pet owners face. Parasite prevention practices and services can help you keep your lovely pet healthy. In addition to using the right parasite prevention products, keep your pet clean.

Spay & neuter

At Castro Veterinary Hospital, we offer spay and neutering services for both dogs and cats. Our experts use modern techniques to ensure your lovely pets are safe during the procedure. Please consult with our veterinarians to know when your pet is best suited for spay and neuter procedures.

If your pet is old, he or she needs regular health checkups. These pets are prone to chronic health issues such as diabetes and arthritis, and it is easy to diagnose these issues early enough during regular visits to a veterinary facility. This is the best chance of detecting changes in the pet’s function and successfully slowing down the damage with the right medication and diet.