Prescription Food and Retail Center

There’s never enough time to run all your errands. As a committed pet parent, you want to make sure your pet gets the best quality care and products. A pet retail center that stocks all the necessary pet products and accessories is, thus, an essential need for every pet owner. Things get even better when the retail center is in the same location as your pet vet center.
The retail center makes it possible for you to pick all the pet essential supplies as you bring your pet for an appointment.

Here is what you’ll get in a pet retail center.

Pet Foods

The pet foods here include maintenance and prescription diets essential for optimal health of your pet. There are also special diet options for pets undergoing medication or has other special needs. Plus, our retail center has gone an extra mile to cater for the needs of a variety of pets. All the foods stocked here have been taken through rigorous testing and analysis. They’re safe and convenient for consumption of your precious pet.

Pet Pharmacy

The pharmacy stocks a wide range of medications to cater for all the needs of your pet. Specialty medicines are important for holistic treatments. You can also get heartworm, tick and flea prevention medication from this center.

Besides new purchases, you can also get refills from this center. Before any medicine is assessed, they have to be assessed for safety and appropriateness depending on the need at hand.


Professional staff will take care of all your furry buddy grooming needs. These activities include bathing, light trimming and light grooming. The team here is also able to provide grooming services to dogs that have special needs.

Other Pet Supplies

The retail center has a wide range of toys, lupine collars, treats, and pet care products. We have professional and certified staff that will ensure all your needs are adequately taken care of. In case you need expert advice or recommendation so that you make an informed decision, you’re in safe hands.

In case you’re not sure of what product to choose for your pet, the team at the retail center will ask you a few questions and help you narrow down to a product that is relevant to the needs of your pet.