Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Castro Valley Animal Hospital is a one-stop-shop for nearly all your pet’s healthcare needs. Our fully-stocked pharmacy offers all prescriptions for illnesses and other pet health requirements. For instance, you can access flea control products and heartworm prevention medication. You can call in prescriptions and pick up the same day. Whenever your favorite furry buddy needs medical attention, get in touch with Castro Valley Animal Hospital.

The right prescription for your pet

At Castro Valley Animal Hospital, we provide a convenient drive-through prescription pick-up window for pet prescriptions and pet food. Be sure to contact us ahead, and you will be able to pick up your order the same day. You can also access our pharmacy to place an order. We can ship the pet’s medication straight to your preferred address.

The record numbers of families that enjoy the benefits of owning a pet is increasing. And these families need reliable pharmacies that offer pet medication. Studies show that pet owners spend about $50 billion annually on pet care. A significant amount of this budget is linked to veterinary prescription and healthcare. At Castro Valley Animal Hospital, we have stocked a broad range of pet medication. No matter what medication your pet needs, you can count on our fully-stocked pharmacy.

Choose your preferred pharmacy wisely

Sure, some websites will offer to sell some pet medication without a prescription. This is illegal and may not work in the best interest of your pet. Pharmacies that sell medications without needing a prescription aren’t the best option when it comes to pet healthcare.

At Castro Valley Animal Hospital, we adhere to the highest possible pet healthcare standards. We sell pet medication based on an expert’s prescription. This requirement is in accordance with our core values, industry requirements, and for the best interest of your pet.